Como instalar themes para el windows vista (Ingles)

Maybe some of you tried to customize your Windows Vista desktop and had no success.In this tutorial you will learn how to use a Windows Vista Theme and customize your desktop the way you want to by following some simple steps.

In order to change your Windows Vista Theme you must first download the Windows Vista UxTheme patch, something that will help you in this tutorial. You can download the UxTheme patch here .

First step is to click the Start button. Then click All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt.

In your operating system directory go to System32 folder and locate the 3 files you will need for this tutorial: uxtheme.dll , themeui.dll and shsvcs.dll . In the Comand Prompt write the following: takeown /f filepath ( in our computer for example we had to use takeown /f c:\windows\system32\uxtheme.dll ). After you written the path press enter. Windows will announce you that the operation was completed successfully. To maximize the picture simply click on it.

Now repeat the same steps for themeui.dll and shsvcs.dll files.

The next step is to rename the three folders you located earlier like this: uxtheme.dll will became uxtheme.old, themeui.dll will became themeui.old and shsvcs.dll will became shsvcs.old.

Now copy the three .dll files found in the Windows Vista UxTheme patch to the System32 folder, in our example found at this path: c:\windows\system32\ .

After you copied the files you must right-click them and select Security then Advanced.

Then click edit and make sure you select your administrator account or to make it simple select Full Control for all the accounts.

Here select Full control like we did in the picture below.

And you’re done. Now you can use the Vista themes found on our website here .

We will show you now how to install the Maxvlear V3 Theme.First download the file by clicking here . After you downloaded the archive extract the files by right-clicking it like we did in the picture below.

Then copy the files found in the theme folder and copy them.

Then paste them in the Resources folder found in c:\windows\resources\themes .

After you did this right-click your desktop and select Personalize.

Then select Theme like in the picture below.

Now select the theme you copied earlier in the Resources folder, in our case the Maxclear V3 Theme.

Now click Apply and you’re done!

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